Private Violin Lessons

Karel Abo, Violin teacher in Lansing, Michigan


I use the Suzuki method in combination with other methods and my own ideas to cater to individual students' development. I believe that everybody has a different way of learning and that it is important for a teacher to be flexible in method and thought. Learning critical thinking and being able to teach oneself at home outside of the lesson is a very important part of my teaching style.

I think the most important job as a teacher is to inspire and teach my students to love music as much as I do. Then, it is important to train the ear for not only intonation, but also tone production and colors. Of course, it is also necessary to teach the right and left hand techniques that allow for musical expression.

It is also important to learn the skills necessary to deal with the mental aspects of performance. Criticism and competition can be difficult to deal with at any age, and I feel it is important that students are prepared for the pressures of performing at any level.

I am willing to take any student of any age or experience as long as there is a commitment to learning and improving. It is never too late to learn. I have had many adult students who have made great improvements in their "hobby". There has been a lot of research that has shown the benefits of learning an instrument, even later in life.

My students have gone on to become professional musicians both as music educators and performers, have attended conservatories and universities such as Stony Brook University, University of Michigan, and Cleveland Institute of Music. Many of my students have participated in music festivals including Interlochen Arts Camp, Meadowmount School of Music and have received highest marks at Solo and Ensemble.

Lessons are scheduled once a week at 25 min. - 40. min. - or 55. min. intervals. Chamber music coachings are also available. I have a studio in Okemos/East Lansing. Please contact me for information on scheduling and rates.